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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green Thursday - Seehafer's Farm Part 1

Seehafer's Farm Part 1

It is Thursday, and I am SSSSOOOOO excited to share this outing I had last week!!!

I mentioned in my Monday Update! that I visited the Seehafer Farm to borrow some amazing pieces for table-scaping at the Franklin Main Street Festival (that I have been talking about for like the last month or two).  

We started the tour with their chickens.  They just got some baby chicks in earlier this spring and now they have grown so big! They are just hanging out in the "maternity" ward till they are big enough to play with their older siblings in the yard.  

They built this super adorable chicken coop to keep all their chickens safe at night.  During they day they run around the yard having fun and eating up bugs.  There is a ton of care needed to make sure your chickens are healthy and happy.  Honestly, I always thought that owning chickens would be smelly or messy...and I was completely wrong.  We have lived near some large scale chicken farms...and I have been trapped a few times behind a chicken truck so I felt pretty strongly about what smells they have.  You know what I am talking about...when you visit a farm and it is smells...and then the farmer is all "Smells like money to me."  Anyway, they change their bedding often, bleach down the insides, and dust out the mites which is a ton of work.  But in exchange they get eggs!!!

Angie told me the specific breed of chicken each one was...but of course I can't remember.  Most of them had a gorgeous set of foot feathers (yes, feathers that adorn their little feet).  

If you want to learn more about the Seehafer Farm they have a blog you can follow.

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