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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Busy Bee Monday August 13th, 2012

What have I been up to on this Busy Bee Monday?  TONS!!!  Besides my finals and the start of another semester gearing up, I have been so busy with things here in my HHB studio.  (I made an A incase you were wondering)

Somethings are not ready to be shown...just yet.  (got to keep you on your toes)  But if you have been ready my Facebook, you know that I have been playing with different natural lotion formulas.  


So far the reactions are pretty specatular ranging from:

I will buy this now!
O-M-G!  I am in LOVE with this!!!
and my favorite...
This smells so good; I want to just eat it.

It is made with all natural (no synthetic made made crazy stuff) so you technically can eat it.  Which I DID!!  It is totally not worth the calories, so just stick to rubbing it on your skin.

With the body butter being so successful in its creation...I am science-ing around with scented candles...again! 

The first shipment to the Carnton Plantation, was delivered!  I am excited to see how it goes.

I updated some things at my Etsy store.  You can might notice the following changes:  

* Directly purchase with any major credit card
* Request custom orders
* More organized layout to the store
* More cohesive write-ups.  

I am also testing out an ad I am running through Etsy at the moment.  So addicted to checking out how many people are viewing my store based on the ad. 

OH!!!  And I signed up for a craft fair in September.  It is a fundraiser for Making Strides against Breast Cancer. There is a team of 30 ladies who will be walking in the Nashville Walk on Oct 20th.  This is a way for them to raise money to donate to Breast Cancer research/funding.  Besides having booths, there will also be a chili supper, bake sale, and auction.  Of course if you cannot make it, and want to donate some money you can do so HERE.  Just use the name Allison Peach, the festival coordinator. 

When: September 15th
Where: Creekmont Baptist Church
Address: 5867 Washington Blvd Murphreesboro TN 37128
Save the date!

Here is a cute photo of Annie barking at a honey bee trying to get inside.  I was test burning some new beeswax candles and it must have wanted to check them out.