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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Update!

A little late...guess that shows how busy I have been lately!!

First, I am almost done with the inventory for the show in Franklin.  Just double checking a few things.  Making some improvements by changing some wicks for better burn times.  Maybe post some photos next week?

Second, I totally won a blog giveaway!  I never win anything so clearly this was super exciting!  *byKsenia is an amazing watercolor artist that I was fortunate to meet in February at Wedding Day Hooray!  I fell in love with her card holders made to look like old cameras.  How adorable!?!  I won $30 towards anything in her store, but it was too hard to choose what to buy.  So I spent a little extra and got one pack of each camera style.  I plan to use them at my show in Franklin as little price tag and info thingies.  Here are some photos I took from her etsy store.

You can follow Ksenia on her blog at this link: Ksenia' Blog
Or you can visit her store at this link: Ksenia's Store

Third, did I mention the show in Franklin?  I am getting so nervous excited about it!!!  I really hope to see you all there!

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