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Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Update!

I feel like I am playing a bit of catch-up.  My allergies threw me off schedule, but I am back on track now!    

I am so excited to share with from our engagement party!  (Long story, but after 2 years we got them)  Never say you are thinking of selling raffle tickets to your wedding to help pay for the event.  You just might get a carnival themed engagement party.  Complete with carnival themed invitations; designed by our good friend Grey.  (I blacked out addresses and emails)

Carnival foods like corn dogs!

And of course a hand painted Bearded Lady and Strong Man cut out.  Not sure this is the new photo booth for weddings, but it was really the highlight of the party!

It was so much fun.  Seeing the photos remind me of how much fun we had, and how quickly time passes. Still trying to convince my friend to let me have the Bearded Lady and Strong Man to hang in our living room.  How fun would that be suspended from the ceiling?  Evidently the local church uses it for their Halloween Festivities.  Clearly, this is once a year event and I could just let them borrow it for the weekend.

We are officially on....TWITTER!!!  I know!  It is so exciting growing and tweeting and dreaming.  Of course I want you to follow me!  So just click here.  And TA-DA!  Or you can just click on the tab at the top that says Twitter.  So easy!  No pressure.

Clear mason jars have been added to the rental section!  Check it out if you are in the Nashville area and need some mason jars for your special event.

Hope you have had a wonderful Monday!

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