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Monday, October 29, 2012

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post...sigh!

Things have been quite busy here outside of HHB.  I am half way through my class and so far I have a solid A.  I plan on applying for the GRE next week and sending out applications shortly.  Big life decisions are finally coming together.  I also have been working on getting more experience in pediatrics which is so draining.

The Body Butter had to go on a slight hold since my seasonal allergies completely destroyed any sense of smell I had from August to October.  The good news is that my smell is back and the body butter is made!!

I hope to have a photo shoot next weekend for the Body Butter.  And I am so excited about this shoot!  Why?  Because my loving husband surprised me with a camera stand!!!  I have a little trouble taking photos because I shake a little....and most of the photos come out a bit blurry.  But I think the stand will make them more professional!!

Also this past Saturday we were at the Chatty Crafty Fall Street Fair.  So many amazing artists from Nashville to Atalanta came.  I shared a booth with the amazing watercolor artist byKsenia.  Hands down it was the COLDEST festival I have ever done!

Here are some photos of our booth!