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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monday Update!

I honestly do not know where to start!

This past week was so very busy!  Late nights working on candles.  Waiting for exciting packages to arrive in the mail.  Double checking my to-do-list.

Why were we so busy?  Because we did the Franklin Main Street Festival!!!  I was so excited, nervous, and trying to make sure every last detail was perfect we (yeah, I made forced Joe to stay up and help) only got about 2 hours sleep before the show.

We were able to do a faux set up on Friday and weed out different things to use from Angie's barn.  This helped out so much as we were not having to scramble with a bunch of pieces we were not going to use, and it saved on valuable trunk space.

We did one setup on Saturday and then a different setup on Sunday.  It was kinda fascinating to see how people interacted with the two different layouts.  Joe was assigned layout one and I did layout two based on what I thought might work better.  Clearly with our powers combined layout two was more successful as Joe gave me a jumping off point.

Layout One

Setup Two

My most memorable moment from the event was when a young girl visited with her dad...and her butterfly friend.  The butterfly sat on her thumb the entire time as she walked around; it only left briefly to fly around my candles and return to her thumb without coaxing from the girl.  

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