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Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Bee Monday July 23, 2012

Hello again!!

I have been gone for a bit (about 2 months to be exact).  Where have I been?  What have I been up to?

Time for my favorite update....Good News/Bad news time....


I wish I could say I was vacationing in a far exotic location while finalizing our global take over plan.  Sadly, no.  Instead I was recovering from a severe concussion.  LONG story short, I fell and hit my head pretty hard.  Shockingly hard!  Knocked the lights off for a few extended minutes which is surprisingly beautiful.  I never understood what a concussion was, but now after first hand experience...I hope to never experience it again.  But even with me feeling not myself, all orders were completed without any delay since I am super paranoid about my inventories getting low.  And...I am rested and ready to get back to my passion of THE HULA HOOPING BRIDE!!!  ::confetti::

Well, that is the bad news.  

THE GOOD NEWS!!!  (my favorite part)

I was very fortunate last week to have an appointment with the Carnton Plantation here in Franklin Tennessee.  It is an amazing antebellum plantation house that was transformed into a field hospital during the Civil War for the wounded at the Battle of Franklin.  The Battle of Franklin, was one of the  bloodiest battles fought with over 9,500 men dying, wounded, captured, or missing within the five hour span of fighting.  I was treated to a personal tour of the property, and was left with chills thinking of the history that occurred.  You really HAVE TO go and visit.
Photo taken from Wikipedia
Besides having tours, the Carnton Plantation is also renown for the many weddings that take place.  The Knot even voted the Carnton Plantation, The Knot Best of Weddings 2012.  And after visiting, it is not hard to imagine saying your vows under the Witness Tree or on the giant porch.

Given the history and their love of preservation, and I very happy to announce that you can now purchase HULA HOOPING BRIDE candles in their gift shop!  The first shipment should arrive in a few days.