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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Green Thursday

Going Green....  It almost feels cliche at this point.  I hear it all the time, and I kinda roll my eyes a bit....and trail off into other thoughts. But I had a moment the other day...I do want to live a more "green" lifestyle!  In fact, I kinda already am in many ways!  As many of you know, I have started to sell all natural local beeswax candles and honey, as well as rent out reusable vintage pieces for weddings and events.  I love nature, recycling (much to my husband's joye), thrifting, all things vintage, and sticking it to corporations (I promise not to get all political...pinky one exception is bees because they help make all our products).  
Over the past few years, I have slowly been working toward this "green" lifestyle without even realizing it.  I have started to make my own cleaning products.  Began gardening to save money and eat healthy.  I love the local farmers market and totally prefer their milk to any organic in the store.  I love nature and even got a biology degree as a result.  I want this reflection to shine into my products, throughout our company, and into your lives.  I am committed to having all my products to be as natural as possible.  So with this weekly blog post...I hope to inspire you.  

The biggest drawbacks or fears to living more natural:
1) expense
2) not sure where to start
3) not sure you have the skills
4) what do you mean my paraffin candle is not natural?
5) my cleaning product gives me headaches...but that means it is better than some plant
6) expense

I know...I get it!  Right there with you.  So let's dig in...literally.  One of the easiest things you can do is start a flower garden.  Before we had a yard, my home was filled with flower pots.  Now we rent places with yard space and landlords who love a garden.  

Total Budget: $20 (I think that is reasonable for 3 flower beds)

Dirt     3 bags for $10
Wood     found it laying around 
Seeds    7 packs for $1 each
Shovel  already own, we did pay $10 for it new

So let me introduce you to the flower beds...I started digging in one before remembering to take a photo, but we are just doing Before shots.

Flower Bed #1

Flower Bed #2

Flower Bed #3
I have only started the process, but will keep you posted on the changes!

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